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We are glad that you are here, eager to learn and share God’s word, and His perfect love through Jesus our Saviour.

Most of us have pretty busy lives which leave little time to have a daily devotional. Often times my wife would like to have a devotional with me late at night when I am exhausted and about to fall asleep. On the other hand, the average american commutes to work or school for 26 minutes, one way. Most of us spend that time talking on the phone, listening to music, the news, podcasts, audio books, etc

Devotional Connection is a mobile App that delivers audio Christian devotionals, Bible readings and Children’s Bible stories lasting 5-10 minutes. The audio message can be listened to individually or with your spouse, friend or family through a VOIP phone call (like in Whatsapp). Either person can talk to each other during pauses or at the beginning or end of the audio message, just like in a phone call.

We welcome any submissions of original Christian devotionals and Children’s Bible stories. Devotional connection is non-denominational and our goal is to spread God’s Word to everyone.

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