About The Author

Lynne Orozco

Founder and CEO

Dr. Lynne Orozco is a practicing Family Physician who focuses on immigrant and refugee health. She is originally from Western New York and received a B.S. majoring in Bible and Biology at Houghton College, while playing intercollegiate soccer. She went on to obtain her M.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Dr. Orozco’s parents had a large role in her faith journey as they lead Christian churches and schools during her upbringing. Her father, Lloyd Learned, now deceased, was a lead pastor for his entire career. Her mother, Kay Learned is a primary contributor to Devotional Connection in addition to being a Christian artist and author.

Dr. Orozco now lives north of Dallas with her husband, Dr. Ludwig Orozco. Dr. Ludwig Orozco is originally from Guatemala and is the founder of Devotional Connection as well as being a private practice Neurosurgeon. They have two daughters, Adelynne and Elisa. The eldest is a children’s author with devotional connection. The Family enjoys attending Arapaho Rd. Baptist Church together as well as playing soccer, waters sports, bike riding and travelling.

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